XCOM: Enemy Unknown The Complete Edition Out Today

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I still have to get Enemy Within and I still have to The Bureau…

2K and Firaxis Games today announced that XCOM®: Enemy Unknown – The Complete Edition is available for Windows-based PC and Mac® in North America, and will be available internationally on March 7, 2014. Developed by the strategy experts at Firaxis Games, XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Complete Edition includes the DICE Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year award-winning XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2013) and XCOM: Enemy Within (2014), as well as the Elite Soldier Pack, Slingshot and Second Wave add-on content.
In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, players oversee combat strategies and individual unit tactics, as well as base management and resource allocation while playing as the commander of a secret global military organization: XCOM. With equal emphasis on deep strategy and intense tactical combat, XCOM: Enemy Unknown allows gamers to defend against a terrifying global invasion and determine the fate of the human race. XCOM: Enemy Within allows even more ways to enhance XCOM’s operatives: they can be genetically enhanced with abilities taken from the aliens themselves, or transformed into cybernetic warriors. These new abilities and units are imperative to face not just new aliens, but a new global threat known as EXALT, an underground human organization set on disrupting XCOM operations and taking control of Earth. XCOM: Enemy Within also includes an array of new maps, upgrades and weapons in both single player and multiplayer.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Complete Edition is rated M for Mature by the ESRB and is available today in North America for PC and Mac for $49.99. For more information on XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Complete Edition, become a fan on Facebook, follow XCOM on Twitter and visit the official web site at http://www.xcom.com.