5 Gaming Brands to Follow on Twitter

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Whether looking for release dates for your favorites franchises or developers or for the review that makes or breaks your purchase, Twitter can be your one-stop-shop. Be sure to follow these 5 brands to get all the updates and information you could ever need—and plenty of humor in some cases.



1. Gamasutra

Handle: @Gamasutra

If you’re looking for analysis and business news within the industry, look no further than Gamasutra’s Twitter page. The folks at Gamasutra take their job seriously and offer updates throughout the day to keep us in the loop on academic studies, developer news, metrics and even job openings related to the industry. The Gamasutra will know, so consult it!

2. Honest Android Games

Handle: @hnstandrdgms

For all things mostly free Android gaming, head to the Honest Android Games Twitter page. There you’ll find information on the highest rated free or mostly free games available for Android devices. If you find yourself bored and needing a new game to play, just tap around on Honest Android Games.

3. IGN

Handle: @IGN

Heard about that new game and just aren’t sure if it’s worth it? Tap on over to IGN’s Twitter page and you’ll probably find relevant information on the first page. IGN takes a serious look at game mechanics and what to expect from major developers. Don’t let your friends make or break your decision to buy or foretell the upcoming game in your favorite franchise, let IGN do it!

4. BetFair Poker

Handle: @BetfairPoker

Purely for your comedic entertainment and internet culture, let BetFair Poker’s Twitter page entertain you at any moment during your day. With constant hilarious tweets and internet references galore, the folks at Betfair Poker offer you more than table and casino games. They offer you all day funny, baby.

5. iPhone Games

Handle: @iphonegamers

Worried the featured apps won’t do the trick? Let the iPhone Games Twitter page pick a game for you to play. With a new game and link tweeted every few hours, there’s no way you can still be bored. By mixing genres and gameplay styles with every tweet, iPhone Games will keep you occupied. Find your new fix, and your next new fix, and the next…