iStarUSA Announces M-Storm JBOD Trayless Rackmount Chassis

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M-Storm (1)

Meh.. it’s Rackmount.. not for me but I’m sure it’s great for someone..

JBOD..Just a Bunch of Disks? There’s more in the name of our M-Storm JBOD tower series. The towers are designed to be a custom storage solution primed for video storage or editing, data archiving, uninterruptible storage, storage farms, and any applications that require high performance and/or high storage capacity.

With trayless, hot swappable drive bays, these towers are a collection of disk drives that can be taken out for easy data transferring. Power and HDD activity indicators light up, and a metal keylock is there to secure and protect your data. They’re also fully RoHS Compliant.

JBOD enclosures are great for users who like flexibility in their workflows, want tighter control of their data storage and backup mechanisms, or would simply like to reduce the clutter of multiple external disk drives in their work area.

The M-Storm JBOD Series is available in 1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U form factors. Contact your sales representative for more about this new series of rackmount chassis!