Swann Launches SwannEye HD Indoor Outdoor Camera

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Hmm nice… HD resolution in an outdoor camera… not bad…


Swann Security’s innovative security monitoring systems continue to impress with their newly launched SwannEye HD™ Indoor & Outdoor Wi-Fi All Weather Camera. Offering video monitoring in any weather, the SwannEye HD is incredibly versatile and easy to set up, with no networking required. View, record, manage and share video on the move via smartphone or tablet. Available at Microcenter and www.swann.com for $179.99.

Taking the next step in security camera innovation, SwannEye HD delivers an all-weather monitoring solution equipped with high-definition, 720p video day and night. With the built-in microphone, users can hear and see what’s happening 24/7, and will be notified via your Smartphone when there’s activity thanks to the camera’s motion-triggered feature.
“Often when consumers think about security monitoring systems, they see a straightforward purpose: to keep their homes and businesses safe from crime,” says Jeremy Stewart, Swann’s VP Global Marketing. “Our systems can provide so much more than that. People now have the ability to place them in their children’s rooms or in their parents’ homes to ensure that the family is safe, too. Remote monitoring has offered consumers a peace of mind, whether they’re gone for an afternoon or a week.”

The motion-triggered camera feature provides recording only when necessary and works to extend recording times. SwannEye HD is capable of saving video and HD pictures to users’ 3G/4G devices, or up to 32 GB of video on a MicroSD card (sold separately).

The plug and play Wi-Fi internet camera allows users to connect wirelessly and watch video remotely. Viewing live feed is easy via the free SwannLink™ app for viewing on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Set up is a simple three-step process: mount the camera on any flat surface, scan or enter your system’s QR code and connect to your smartphone or tablet.

The SwannEye HD retails for $179.99 and is available at Microcenter and www.swann.com.