Withings Announces Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

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I guess this could be useful.. and it works with both iOS and Android.

At the 2014 International CES (South Hall 2, Booth# 26500), Withings unveils the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor- a revamped version of its award-winning Smart Blood Pressure Monitor. By making it completely wireless and adding Android compatibility, Withings takes its vision of user-friendly connected health even further.

Home monitoring for all
With hypertension affecting 25% of the world’s population (1), 50% of whom are unaware about the severity of their condition (2), home monitoring is a major public health matter.  To assist with the widespread disease, Withings’ new Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor keeps its award-winning sleek design, but now features Bluetooth connectivity and Android compatibility. The medically-approved blood pressure cuff garners ease-of-use, while drastically expanding its reach.

Beat The Silent killer
Arriving with no specific symptoms, High Blood Pressure is often referred to as a “silent killer”. Therefore, being aware and vigilant is instrumental in fighting the disease.  As Cédric Hutchings, co-founder of Withings puts it: “Our device is a medical device, but we’ve made it cool and fashionable! Patients don’t feel the need to hide it away and, yet, they get to share highly accurate results with their physician. Designing attractive and simple-to-use devices is the only way the connected health revolution can become a reality.”

Collaborating with the American Medical Group Association
To make sure the revolutionary device has an actual impact on national health figures, Withings has just partnered with the AMGA’s Measure Up/Pressure DownTM national hypertension campaign. “At-home monitoring, when done in conjunction with a health care provider, is an important way patients can measure, monitor, and improve their high blood pressure,” said Donald W. Fisher, Ph.D., CAE, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Medical Group Association. “AMGA and our Foundation look forward to working with our medical groups and Withings to improve patient health and learn more about the effectiveness of home blood pressure monitors.”

Simplicity for long lasting compliancy
To take measurements, users simply wrap the cuff around their arm and turn it on.  It automatically connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth and instantly opens the Withings Health Mate application. By tapping the start button, the cuff inflates and commences taking the users’ systolic, diastolic blood pressure as well as heart rate.  Results are automatically shown on the screen, saved and compared to standards for better understanding. The application automatically graphs and plots curves to easily detect trends over time.  It also allows users to set reminders and send readings to a physician.

The Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is joining the unique Withings product ecosystem that provides users with a 360° well-being experience.  The device bears the CE mark as proved compliant with European medical device regulations.  It is available today on the EU Withings Web Store. The device will soon be available in the US via the Withings Web Store for $129.95 and shortly thereafter in select retail partners.

About Withings
Withings is an innovative company that creates smart products and apps to help people around the world easily understand and take care of their health and well-being. Withings, founded by Cedric Hutchings and Eric Carreel, has quickly become a pioneer in the world of connected health devices and the Internet of Things.  Withings has been recognized by international organizations for both its innovation and product design.  Since the launch of its first product, the world’s first Wi-Fi connected scale, Withings has continued to expand its product ecosystem with products that benefit all aspects of a person’s well being. Withings now offers a wide range of lifestyle-friendly devices including the Smart Body Analyzer, the Blood Pressure Monitor, the Smart Baby Monitor and the Withings Pulse.  Along with the Health Mate Application and over 100 compatible third-party partner applications, Withings provides its users with a unique 360° well-being experience.  Read more about Withings on www.withings.com.


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