Five Must-Have Accessories for Mobile Gamers

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If you’re using your mobile for gaming, it’s best to grab right accessories if you don’t want to regret later on bad gaming experience. Here are some must-have accessories that will help you achieve ultimate gaming experience on your mobile.

Protector for screen, keyboard and shell

If you don’t want to see those awful smudges on the screen while you’re playing, get a protector for your screen also for your keyboard and shell. Scratch proof protector is a good choice. Those that come with lifetime replacement allow you to save money. With a good protector, you’ll enjoy checking out searching for casino sites to play.


No gamer would want to be interrupted on his games just because of a dead battery. Get a stand-by battery and buy those that can charge your mobile up to four times over. A battery pack that can be hooked to your device via USB port is a good choice. However, in order not to waste money, you must first check with your mobile company compatibility chart before buying. It’s also best to know the power on each port in your battery to avoid confusion and misuse as different mobile devices have different power requirements. Checking out your device manual on power requirements will lead you to matching right port on your battery. With a good battery pack, you won’t have game interruptions whenever you’re totally engaged in your blackjack in your favorite mobile casino.

External speaker

Best audio is one of the most desires gaming effects. Your gaming device comes with headphone but if you’re playing without a headphone and would want to have to retain your game’s best audio; using another source is a great solution. External speaker will not only make your game’s audio better but also enhance the sounds effects for more thrill and excitement in your game. A thin and space-saver speaker is a top choice but make sure that all power is packed in. If you’re playing roulette in a mobile casino, an external speaker brings in all those exciting sounds of the spinning roulette table. You can also opt for type that can be also use as airplay speaker when you’re not playing. Jawbone’s Jambox is a good buy at the price of $199.99.

Bigger screen gaming

If you want to play your game using your big and beautiful HD TV, get Apple TV. It will turn your mobile device into a controller and your game into your TV screen. However, it has some limitations, as it’s only available for iPhone and ipad. But, if you really want to bring your game in a bigger screen, you can opt to GamePop app and get a GamePop console for free with a game subscription. A $6.99 subscription price is not bad for all-you-eat games and bigger screen gaming experience.

Memory card

Mobile space is limited, while video games are big and take up a lot of space and you’ll need to save your game in memory cards for more free space on your phone’s hard drive. Besides saving space on your phone’s hard drive, memory card allows you to shift your game in another device. However better check if your phone has capacity for memory extension slot. It is also a good decision to opt for top-of-the range 32GB if you’re into heavy gaming and have big games library.

Having these 5 accessories may send you into spending more but will also make your gaming experience a whole lot better. The choice is yours.