CES: JVC Intros All-Weather Everio Camcorders

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JVC Kenwood Corporation Offers New Everio Camcorders With "All-W

I need a new camcorder…  One of these sound great, I like all weather stuffs..

JVC KENWOOD Corporation is introducing the JVC Everio GZ-RX115, GZ-RX110, GZ-R15 and GZ-R10 that feature a Quad-Proof Structure and Long-Life Battery throughout the line. These Everio models offer water resistance to a depth of 5m, the ability to withstand a drop from 1.5m, as well as dust-proofing and freeze-proofing down to -10˚C, and packages it all in a familiar camcorder form factor. People will be able to take advantage of the 40x optical zoom that smartphones and other types of cameras just can’t match, plus audio that zooms along with the picture. And to let users enjoy Everio longer, the internal battery lets you shoot 4.5 hours consecutively on a single charge, so you won’t run out of juice just as the scene gets interesting. Of course, you can count on quality images on a sunny day, but now you can continue shooting even if the weather turns for the worst, and catch some rare and interesting video footage. Additionally, you can shoot creatively with special effects onboard the camera, and also edit videos later with third party editing software such as iMovie or Final Cut Pro X.

The Quad-Proof group of technologies may sound familiar as it is featured in JVC’s ADIXXION series of action cams, however incorporating it into Everio gave it a whole new meaning. Imagine not having to worry about a sudden downpour or other bad weather, or life’s little accidents that can ruin your memories with an ordinary camcorder, such as dropping it on the floor or in a pool. This weather-proof, oops-proof versatility is exactly what the new Everio offers. Contributing to the IPX8 certified water resistance and IP5X dust resistance was the internal high-capacity battery that offers no risk of damaging the camera while changing batteries in bad weather. Moreover, Everio is compatible with third-party portable batteries* (the type used with smartphones for emergency charging). You can shoot while charging to go beyond the internal battery’s 4.5 hours, or Quick Charge for one hour and add an extra 1.3 hours of recording time*.

The definitive advantage that Everio camcorders offer over smartphones is quality optics. Everio is equipped with a large-calibre KONICA MINOLTA HD LENS that enables high-quality 40x Optical Zoom. With 60x Dynamic Zoom, the powerful 2.5M Back-illuminated CMOS Image Sensor maintains the picture’s HD resolution even when exceeding the optical zoom range. And with the FALCONBRID engine (which is actually capable of 4K video performance), efficient video and audio processing delivers beautiful images and sound. Adding to overall audio quality is K2 Technology applied during recording for effective sound restoration during playback. Out in the field, gusts of wind won’t spoil your soundtrack, as an original algorithm effectively attenuates wind noise picked up at the mic. The higher-end GZ-RX115/RX110 feature Wi-Fi connectivity, AVCHD progressive recording and 8GB internal memory for enhanced usability and sharing possibilities, while the GZ-RX115 is unique in offering the Auto Illumi. Light. Digital zoom is 100x for GZ-RX110/R10 and 200x for GZ-RX115/R15. The introduction of these new Everio models presents a viable and superior alternative to smartphones and other types of cameras when it comes to recording high quality video in a variety of situations.

* When used with a portable battery of over 1.0A, 5V and over 1000mAh. Compatibility and quick charge are not guaranteed for all portable batteries.