Looq Announces @7PM Universal Remote Control for Android and iOS Phones and Tablets

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Hmm.. it works with both Android and iOS devices…

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The @7PM creates a universal remote out of any iOS/Android smartphone, making users king of the couch. It works with an unlimited number of iOs/Android devices – no product key validation is necessary for set-up. No more fussing with multiple controls or switching between wands to control various media; @7pm is compatible with more than 9,000 different entertainment system models. The 2-inch @7pm device plugs directly into the smartphone. The colorful, “big button” display can be used to change channels and volume, create a favorites list, and switch between devices like a DVD, set top box, stereo, or almost anything else that uses an IR remote.  Looq also added a fun factor – Shake mode (optional) adds ease and entertainment as viewers simply shake the phone to adjust volume and/or channel settings.  The corresponding iOS/Android app is free and ready for download in the iTunes/Android stores.