Krusell´s TOP 10 selling phones for November 2013

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Sony beat Apple and my HTC One isn’t even on the list.. oh well..

1. (1) Sony Xperia Z1

2. (2) Apple iPhone 5

3. (4) Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4

4. (-) Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

5. (-) Samsung Galaxy Core I8260

6. (9) Nokia Lumia 1020

7. (-) LG Nexus 5

8. (10) Nokia Lumia 925

9. (5) Sony Xperia Z 

10. (7) Samsung Galaxy Note 3

() = Last month’s position.

Sony Xperia Z1 keeps the first place on Krusell’s Top 10 list for November. Three new devices have entered the list, and Nexus 5 might be the largest surprise this month.

– Another eyebrow raiser at the list is Samsung’s Galaxy Core which has entered the market a little bit outside the limelight partially due to the number of devices that Samsung launches says Ulf Sandberg MD at Krusell. Nokia’s two models are climbing, and I foresee that next month Nokia 1520 will also climb into the chart, he ends.