KickStarter: Azooca Announces izooca Interactive Play System for iPad

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My youngest would love this… too bad we’re an Android family and this seems to only work with the iPad..

Azooca today announced the izooca system, a revolutionary interactive experience for kids that combines real world play with the mobility of tablet computers. By attaching special collectible action figures to the izooca Bridge, kids enter the virtual world of Cubetopia, where they can explore, play games, build kingdoms and interact with their friends.

The izooca system is a specially designed iPad case with a platform that allows users to attach action figures who then come alive in the interactive virtual world of Cubetopia. Kid can choose to play in the Cubetopia world in a variety of ways, whether it’s building a kingdom and running mini-games for their friends, exploring the rich and whimsical environments, or challenging other players and gaining resources.

"Toy play patterns have existed forever and mobile apps are the latest rage. The problem in the past has been that the two play patterns have been mutually exclusive," says Yu "Brian" Zheng, founder and CEO of Azooca. "izooca combines traditional toys and mobile games into one exciting system that makes mobile games more interactive and exciting."

Azooca launched the official Kickstarter for the izooca system last week. The company expects to raise $250,000 via the crowdfunding initiative. "The possibilities for the izooca system are endless," continues Zheng. "We expect to launch our first game, Cubetopia, in Q2 2014, and the SDK will be available for anyone to create their own vision on the izooca platform."


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About Azooca

Azooca was founded in 2012 to leverage its patented technology and create the new izooca system. The technology improvements combined with our exciting mobile game, Cubetopia, will open up a whole new way of playing and interacting with toys and digital