GOODRAM expands the SSD C series

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I’ve never heard of Goodram before… but I wouldn’t mind testing their stuff out..


ssd-c50-3-120gb ssd-c50-5-240gb ssd-c50-box-120gb 

Speed, performance, reliability – these are the main advantages that most of the SSDs deliver as of now. The range of GOODRAM C Series SSD drives, has just expanded by introducing the new model – C50. The new Solid State Drive, released by the polish manufacturer is dedicated to all users, who seek all the above in a very reasonable price.

Since the introduction of SSD, their prices have dropped significantly. The impact of using SSD in improving the productivity has been repeatedly confirmed by both industry experts and end users. However the only thing that may deter potential SSD adopters is its price, which is still high in comparison with the legacy hard drive disks. Keeping these users in mind, Wilk Elektronik SA, the polish manufacturer of high-quality memory modules and USB drives with a lifetime warranty and whole range of consumer and industrial Solid State Drives, has introduced a new SSD into his C Series range, GOODRAM C50, aimed at the consumers looking for the most affordable solution without sacrificing any of the performance that the Solid State Drives are providing. Just like his younger brother GOODRAM C100, C50 is based on the SATA III interface and is equipped with MLC Toshiba NAND, PS3108 controller and maximum 512MB of DDR3. Thanks to this combination Goodram C50 SSD can reach sequential speeds of 550MB/s (read) and 530MB/s (write) for compressible files and up to 500MB/s (read) and 320MB/s (write) in the mixed environments. „When we look at the typical consumer environment, transition from a traditional hard drive disk to C50 should halve the system startup time and improve the time of every single task considerably” says Wiesław Wilk, CEO of Wilk Elektronik SA. C50 sports a 7mm housing (2,5mm adapter is included) making it a perfect solution for mobile users who will enjoy longer battery life, more ruggedness and speed boost in comparison to the legacy HDD.

GOODRAM C50 SSD are available in 60GB, 120GB, 240GB capacities, and are covered under the 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Recommended retail prices (without taxes) are: $54,9 (60GB), $81,9 (120GB), $154,9 (240GB).