Tokyoflash Japan Announces Kisai Polygon Wood Watch

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Tokyoflash has just announced a new watch, it’s one of those more cryptic watches for sure.. More pics and info below for you

kisai_polygon_wood_lcd_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_how_to_read kisai_polygon_wood_lcd_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_05 kisai_polygon_wood_lcd_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_06 kisai_polygon_wood_lcd_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_04 


Tokyoflash Japan has just released a new watch, Kisai Polygon Wood.
Here’s a brief description of the watch:
"A time display with attractive geometric lines, a custom made dark sandalwood case, finished with a beautifully textured leather strap – the limited edition Kisai Polygon Wood from Tokyoflash Japan – including time, date, alarm, EL backlighting and a custom animation."

Kisai Polygon Wood is available at the special release price of $109 (€81, £69) until Thursday November 28th at 11:00am Japan time.
there is a video demo here on our YouTube channel.