Free iOS App: Ring Toss Arcade

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Leading international mobile gaming company Chukong Technologies today announced that Ring Toss Arcade, the company’s latest physics-meets-casino game, has hit the Apple App Store. Developed by Shanghai-based studio The Cobblers and distributed by Chukong’s publishing arm Coco, Ring Toss Arcadeplayers must put a ring on it – literally – as they aim and sling rings onto a mostly cuddly collection of moving carnival toys and candy. That’s if they can avoid circling up the TNT! With three game modes to explore and more than 100 toys to collect, Ring Toss Arcade combines the chance of slots with the skills of toss for a new kind of mobile game experience.
Download Ring Toss Arcade for free on the Apple App Store today:
In Ring Toss Arcade, ringmasters can:

  • Fine-tune ring tossing skills for the perfect arc, height and distance to hit moving armies of bunny rabbits, lollipops, televisions, baby monkeys, giraffes and more.
  • Play through more than three arcade carnival games including Toss and Slots,Rings Collector and Lucky Eggs.
  • Embark on a game of chance as each successful toss earns you points from the (often) generous slot machine.
  • Connect with Facebook to play the Rabbit Holes Vs. Mode and challenge your friends for the arcade carnival crown.
  • Unlock more games, tosses and cute collector items with earned virtual coins, tickets and hard currency, as well as a free daily bonus.