Rapoo Launches E6300 Ultra-Thin Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

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Now this is a nice looking keyboard… say sit’s for iPad, but I wonder if it would work fine with other BT devices?!


In the world of wireless keyboards, thin is in, and Rapoo captures the need for functionality and portability with its elegantE6300 for the iPad.  It’s an ultra-slim keyboard with high-performance, tactile keys that’ll make cumbersome typing on the tablet’s touch screen a thing of the past.  The compact keyboard slides into your pocket or briefcase for easy access anytime, anywhere.

“It’s very difficult to type using the iPads virtual keyboard, and we often yearn for the old-school keyboards; but, who wants to carry one around?” says Bob Blankert, Global Sales Director of Rapoo.  “The E6300 is so lightweight and so thin, that it’ll become an essential tool in your briefcase, backpack or purse.”

With full-size alpha-numeric keys, the E6300 allows the user to comfortably and quickly type for longer periods of time.  Each key has its own spring mechanism, and it’s arranged in a scissor key structure for a practical layout.  The slim keyboard offers 80 keys including 15 iPad Hotkeys such as Homepage, Search, Picture Frame Mode, Play/Pause, Mute, Lock/Unlock, Copy, Paste and more. 

Only .22 inches thick, the E6300 is one of the thinnest wireless keyboards on the market; but, thin doesn’t mean flimsy.  Rapoo expertly designed the keyboard using brushed stainless steel coupling an elegant form factor with durability to withstand every day bumps.  On the back of the keyboard is the lithium battery which also lifts the keyboard into a comfortable typing angle, a power switch, syncing button for Bluetooth-enabled devices, and a microUSB charging port to juice up the rechargeable battery.  Small rubber feet ensure that the keyboard won’t slide around on smooth surfaces.

Using advanced Bluetooth 3.0 technology, users can pair and connect their iPad to the keyboard instantly.  You can get a stable connection within a 360 degree wide range and transmission distance up to 30 feet.  You only need to pair the keyboard to your iPad once because the iPad will remember the device pairing for future use. 

The battery lasts up to one month before it needs to be recharged with the included cable, and it is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device.  The Rapoo E6300 BT Ultra-Slim Keyboard for iPad retails for $49.99 MSRP at walmart.com.  It is available in black or white.
About Rapoo:
Established in 2002, Rapoo is dedicated to offering excellent, cutting-edge, wireless peripheral products to users around the world. Our range of wireless mice, keyboards and headsets is tailored to meet the needs of PC users.   We also offer Bluetooth headsets and keyboards for intelligent terminals, such as mobile phones and tablet PCs, and multimedia keyboards and multi-link (dandelion technology) product suites for home theaters. We are constantly striving to bring more and more people around the world unique wireless enjoyment and in doing so create a brand-new wireless lifestyle.  www.rapoo.com