Simple Rugby Logo Quiz Causes a Storm

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The day that all rugby fans have all been waiting for has finally arrived: Introducing the Rugby Logo Quiz app, available now on Google’s android market.

With Millions of fans across the world who enjoy this historic sport, a detailed search of the Android store reveals slim pickings for rugby enthusiasts looking to install a fun-filled and challenging app that will satisfy their boredom on a long commute.

The app, designed and built by, works on the fundamental principles of most sports logo quizzes; the aim of the game is to try and guess which logo crest corresponds to the club in question. Players then proceed to type in their answer and a green tick or red cross then indicates whether or not they are correct.

The difficulty of the questions vary and the logos featured are untethered from both codes of rugby; league and union- listing some of the most obscure and unthinkable clubs in the world as well as some basic recognizable emblems.

The 11MB app is slick, easy-to-navigate and reportedly very efficient in terms of battery life; so you and your friends can spend hours down the pub battling it out for the title of ‘ultimate rugby expert’ via the statistics page that keeps track of your top scores.

Similar sporting trivia applications such as ‘Football Logo Quiz Plus’ have attracted hundreds of thousands of download on the Google play store, and ,in the space of a month, The Rugby Logo Quiz has enticed around 5000 android users to try it out already.

As popularity spreads, the application designers are planning on installing a range of innovative features include a timer, a ‘share your score feature’ and the addition of lower league teams to really stretch the minds of those die-hard rugger aficionados.

Other rumoured updates include the introduction of a ‘hint’ feature for when a player doesn’t know the answer; similar to the feature employed in the ‘Football Logo Quiz Plus’.

The Rugby Logo quiz is certainly one of the finest sporting applications to be introduced to the Android market in 2013 and it won’t be long before it will reach iOS users.

So if it’s a bit of fun you’re after on a 5 minute coffee break, or a real brain-tester you want for a tedious train journey, the rugby logo quiz is just for you.

HINT: If you don’t know the answer you can always look for advice from Facebook and Twitter! (Just don’t let your friends find out!)