King’s League: Odyssey Coming to iOS November 14th

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This looks rather cool…

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Gamenauts and Kurechii Studio today revealed their upcoming iOS port of the hit Flash game, King’s League: Odyssey, Kongregate’s top three strategy game and winner of April 2013 Game of the Month award. With mobile-exclusive features such as new dungeons, all-new characters, enemies and quests in revamped HD graphics, the highly anticipated iOS port will be available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on November 14, 2013 for $1.99.
Go medieval in the trailer:
In King’s League: Odyssey, players train recruits of unique classes, including Lancers, Berserkers, and Hunters, as they earn the honor of the kingdom by competing in leagues of increasing difficulty. Players must also conquer towns and cities in order to gather the necessary resources to upgrade training facilities, level up soldiers to new classes, and unlock new recruitment areas. Players can embark on numerous side quests, explore treacherous dungeons, and participate in the grueling Battlethon – but only the strongest and cleverest will prevail!
King’s League: Odyssey features:

Choose your own adventure: master four leagues and pledge allegiance to one of four factions, each with its own line of quests.

Conquer the kingdom: lay siege on towns and cities to uncover precious resources.

Create a diverse team: recruit and collect from over 40 unique character classes such as the Templar, Enchantress, Assassin, and Sniper.

Slay the side quests: crawl through seven different dungeons and take part in special events for extra gold and gems.

Choose battles wisely: all skill levels are welcome with three game difficulty modes to choose from.

Only the strongest succeed: rise in the royal ranks as well as the Game Center leaderboards and earn more than 60 achievements before taking on the new, mobile-exclusive final boss.

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