Digital Treasures Unveils the 3600mAh Power Bank

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This actually rather cool.. I like it..

Digital Treasures launches the 3600mAh Power Bank, a stylish, compact charging station that eliminates the need to carry around bulky chargers and cables.  It’s power in the palm of your hand, and includes three output options for charging a variety of devices.  It is available now

“We rely heavily on a multitude of gadgets every day to keep us connected to our jobs, our family, and our friends.  The constant use drains the batteries of these devices quickly, and it is such a pain to carry around individual chargers,” says Brian Austin, President of Digital Treasures.  “The 3600mAh Power Bank is an all-in-one charging station, and will supply your devices with the extra juice needed to get through the day.  That’s a lot of power in your back pocket!”

This sleek, minimalist case is small enough to fit into your briefcase or purse for handy backup power when you need it the most.  Ideal for on-the-go users, the Power Bank is loaded with 3600mAh of juice.  No cables are necessary; the Power Bank comes with Micro USB, 30 Pin and 8 Pin Apple connectors attached to the unit.  Simply open the front cover of the case to expose the included connectors.


When you’re done using the Power Bank, close the lid and store it away.  A series of LED lights will indicate how much power is left in the 3600mAh Power Bank, and you can recharge the unit by plugging in the included standard USB connector. 

The 3600mAh Power Bank retails for $49.95 at