Hammerhead Navigation has Six Days to Go for Crowd Funding

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I don’t know about this thing, I guess I’d need a bike to really understand it.. It seems like a good idea though, but what’s wrong wit just a regular GPS unit?




The countdown is on. With just six days to go, Hammerhead Navigation has raised 86% of their $145,000 goal on Dragon Innovation. Hammerhead is the world’s first smart and social bike navigation system, increasing viability of daily commuting via bright LED’s that direct riders to the right path. With the Bluetooth enabled device, consumers can download the iOS or Android app to set routes and enjoy hands-free navigation. Compatible with Bixi and B-Cycle, Hammerhead Navigation is the first company built to work with major bike share companies. CEO Piet Morgan thought of the Hammerhead idea after training for a cross-country biking trip while attending Yale. One of his fellow peers was struck by a truck while biking. A couple of years later, attempting to find a route on his phone while simultaneously riding bike, Piet almost met the same fate. He dodged the car by mere seconds, leaving him injured, but Hammerhead was born. Will they reach their goal? The new Hammerhead is now live at www.dragoninnovation.com.


Hammerhead Features:

• Compact elegant device affixes to universal handlebar mounts to conveniently guide bike rides
• Download the iPhone® or Android® app to receive crowd sourced route suggestions based on preferences
• App pairs with mobile device via Bluetooth Smart, allowing phones to remain safely stashed away with the screen turned off
• Users can immediately send their favorite routes to one another, and compete on the speed or duration of their rides in real time
• First device to work with major bike share companies like Bixi and B-Cycle for bike rental station navigation
• Also doubles as a bike headlight, lasting for 15 hours

How much?

New Early Bird Hammerhead: $68
Discounted Hammerhead: $75
Hammerhead + Bike Share Clip: $78
Hammerhead Double Pack: $140
Limited Edition T: $35

Back it up: https://www.dragoninnovation.com/projects/23-hammerhead