Goal Zero Launches National Solarize America Tour

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Good idea… I like it…

Leveraging the success of its pilot in New York City this past summer, Goal Zero is taking Street Charge solar-powered public charging stations on the road during the “Solarize America Tour.” Their mission: to expose the public to the freedom, convenience and practicality of solar power by deploying Street Charge in select US cities. 

“We couldn’t think of a better place to kickoff our Solarize America Tour than the NRPA Congress in Houston, said Joe Atkin, President and CEO of Goal Zero. “Parks and recreation officials are always looking for ways to get people outside to relax and recharge. Street Charge is the perfect amenity to encourage that.“ 

Street Charge features a modern design and is powered by the latest in solar panel and battery technology from Goal Zero. The power-hungry public can conveniently charge up their phones using built-in USB ports and charging tips. Solar panels and lithium batteries are elegantly incorporated into each station to ensure there is juice for people to power up – day or night.

“We learned much from our experience in New York City and are ready to show the rest of the country how easy it is to charge their phones and other handheld devices from the sun,” said Chris Abbruzzese, Street Charge Director of Marketing. “We see the sun as a free, clean, and sustainable public utility and we’re helping people tap into it.”  

Three U.S. cities – Austin (Austin City Limits), Miami, and Cambridge – have already been slated for stops on the Solarize America Tour and additional cities are under consideration. A total of twelve cities will be selected to receive up to three units for approximately thirty days each. The selection criteria include: sunshine, walkability, outdoor spaces, and a commitment to raise awareness for solar power. To see if your city qualifies or be considered for deployment, please contact Chris Abbruzzese at chrisa@goalzero.com.

About Goal Zero:

Goal Zero is the industry leader for renewable and reliable solar power. Born out of the desire to empower people everywhere, Goal Zero’s products are designed to give you the freedom to go anywhere, regardless of battery life. From cellphones to refrigerators, and everything in between, Goal Zero products keep you connected and powered up in any situation. For more information, visit www.goalzero.com

About Street Charge:

Street Charge is a drop in solution that meets the needs of architects, developers, and city planners seeking to offer a power amenity in commercial and public spaces. Besides providing power, Street Charge provides space for advertising and way finding.