Cannons Lasers Rockets Coming to PC Mac and Linux in November

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My kind of game.. looks like a lot of fun to me..

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Net Games Laboratory, an independent development studio founded by veterans of some of Eastern Europe’s most successful online gaming companies, today announced that its team-based arcade space shooter Cannons Lasers Rockets will launch for PC, Mac and Linux on digital download platforms in November 2013. An online space shooter in which players choose from hundreds of spaceships to customize and team up to defeat other groups of players in fast-paced dogfights,Cannons Lasers Rockets’ highly-competitive gameplay draws from MMOs and MOBAs alike to create a new space combat experience. The game will be playable cross-platform across PC, Mac and Linux at launch, with mobile releases planned for later dates.

“We are huge sci-fi genre fans, but many games that are set in space forget one important thing,” said Alexander Sobolev, Co-founder and Director at Net Games Laboratory. “Flying a spaceship should be a fun and interesting experience 100 percent of the time! Players don’t want to take the role of a highly trained space pilot just to end up spending most of their time flying from Point A to Point B, delivering packages. Space games should be about fast, fun action – this is what we are trying to accomplish with Cannons Lasers Rockets.”
Cannons Lasers Rockets features:

  • Furious team-based PvP gameplay, ranging from a handful of dogfighters up to 50 ships competing on a single map
  • Hundreds of creatively-imagined, customizable ships with a wide array of equipment to choose from for further personalization
  • Arcade-style space shooter action with easy-to-learn controls but strategic depth for experienced players
  • Multiple mission types that play out across dozens of maps which feature interactive environments that can provide tactical advantages
  • Emphasis on community and competitive gameplay, with tournaments, leaderboards, achievements, and special in-game challenges
  • Cross-platform multiplayer across PC, Mac and Linux, with iOS and Android versions to come at a later date

To learn more about Cannons Lasers Rockets or support the game on Steam Greenlight, please visit