Satechi Launches Smart Travel Router & Adapter

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This is rather cool…

The new Satechi Smart Travel Router & Adapter, available now, is the ideal travel accessory for business professionals, leisure travelers and backpackers alike. Featuring a compact, cube design, the Smart Travel Router & Adapter features four of the most common plug configurations able to fit electrical outlets in over 150 countries including US, Canada, China and most countries in Europe. The convenient accessory doubles as a router able to convert a direct internet connection from a hotel or conference room into a private connection for added security and mobility. It is also able to improve and extend the range of any existing Wi-Fi connection up to 100 feet.

The versatile Smart Travel Router & Adapter features an AC power port and a 2.1A USB port able to charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, handheld game consoles and more. The small but mighty device fits easily into any suitcase, purse, backpack or carry-on, ideal for keeping all electronics juiced anytime, anywhere.

The Smart Travel Router & Adapter has four router modes for all wireless networking needs.

  • Router mode: functions as a typical router, connecting to the internet and broadcasts a wireless signal, enabling users to create their own secure network
  • Repeater mode: connects to existing network and improves weak connection by amplifying and extending it
  • Access Point mode: creates a wireless connection from a wired source for maximum mobility
  • Client mode: enables an Ethernet-connected device such as a Smart TV or video game console to connect wirelessly to the internet

The Smart Travel Router & Adapter is available now for an introductory price of $44.99 at and