Kickstarter: Auris Skye WiFi Audio Receiver

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Another Kickstarter… I get a lot of these PRs about Kickstarter and the other crowd-funded projects…  anyway, here’s a neat one that allows you to stream your music from any device over wi-fi to a dock

The innovative auris skye marks the beginning of a new generation of WiFi music receivers for your dock that enables you to stream your tunes wirelessly using AirPlay or DLNA.  This extraordinary technology allows you to enjoy high resolution audio from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or iTunes and more.  No more limitations, just crystal clear music with the freedom to move around.

“We’ve spent nearly a year perfecting this technology in order to eliminate the problems often encountered with the current music receivers on the market such as pairing issues, low operation range, poor sound quality and limited compatibility with popular docks,” says Jay Shah, Founder & CEO of Auris, Inc.  “The simplicity behind a product that delivers such incredible results is our greatest accomplishment.  It’s a real game-changer!”

Sleek, stylish and intuitive, the skye easily slides onto the 30-pin docking station for effortless playback.  For the first time only, simply add skye to your WiFi network, and follow the connection instructions on the free skye control app.  From there, you can stream audio wirelessly from your iOS, Android, Windows phone devices and Mac/PC in your WiFi network with AirPlay (for iOS) and DLNA (for Android and Windows) support while staying connected to the Internet at the same time.  Additionally, skye uses Apple Lossless technology to keep every note beautifully clear.

AirPlay or DLNA support also means that you can freely roam throughout your home without worrying about keeping your device close to the speakers.  Unlike auris skye, Bluetooth receivers limit you to a certain wireless range, and cannot go through walls or furniture.  Additionally, with skye, you can stream music to multiple docks one at a time or stream simultaneously with iTunes on a Mac or PC.

Lossless and uncompressed music means you’ll be hearing top-quality rhythms and beats which will be the talk of your next party or get-together.  With digital amplification and DAC (digital to analog converter), the skye delivers music that is better than docking the device alone.  No need to recharge the auris either.  It simply pulls power from your music dock so it’s ready anytime or anywhere you want to fully immerse yourself in your music.

The auris is available in Arctic white, piano black and titanium (exclusive Kickstarter color).  It will retail for $89 when it hits market in December.  However, you can preorder the auris skye for reduced pledges on Kickstarter.