Guardian Coming to Protect Your Children

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I would love one of these… I always worry, I think too much, about my 8 yr old..  sadly it doesn’t work with Android yet..

What’s Guardian

"I have lost a child for about 30  minutes in a park. Thirty minutes doesn’t sound like a long time, but it drove me insane. I can not stop blaming myself. It’s an eternity in that situation."

A once helpless father

The experience of searching for missing children is every parents nightmare. Have you ever anxiously searched your lost kid while shopping in a mall or playing at Disney Land? The motivation behind Guardian is bringing the safest children’s network to this world through a combination of wearable device and human network. When a child goes beyond a customized distance, parents get a warning notification in app which allows them take instant action to prevent the child from missing. Once the child wanders too far to loss communication with parents, they can launch an immediate search and effectively find their children via Guardian’s crowd-guarding network.

What makes Guardian different – Crowd-guarding network

"We are building a strong and seamless network to turn every place into a safe playground for children"

CEO Johnny Fong

Under Guardian system, every app installer is essentially a guardian angel. With the helps of Guardian App, parents, family, and every app user on the Guardian network combines a powerfully expansive and secure crowd-sourced platform to search and pinpoint lost children. This whole new concept  involves all active or potential participants into an invisible network in order to build the strongest safety net for child.

Guardian’s social responsibility – 8,000,000 love to send

According to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, every year approximately 8,000,000 children go missing, which means that every minute, an average of 15.2 children go missing.

In order to actually do something good to give feedbacks to the society, Johnny has decided to announce a new policy “ Sold 2, Send 1 love” in correspond to our goal “send out 8,000,000 love”. From now on, every two items sold, Beluvv will send one to the kid who is in need. The goal is to send out 8,000,000 so hopefully there will be no children missing ever. And this policy is going to be executed thoroughly, every process will be transparent; how many, when, and who were sent to will all be shown on the website. 

About Beluvv:

Founded 2013, Guardian is the first launch of BeLuvv, the same team who who creates ideaWallets app which ranked 1st in business category of App Store for weeks in a row back in 2010. After few attempts of serial products development and tuning, Beluvv was born, aiming to deliver love to everyone via their experience, creativity and capability.