Kickstarter: Nickster Educational Toy Collection

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I think my youngest would love these.. they look awesome, and I wouldn’t mind playing with them myself!

Award winning, New York City-based product design studio cozzolino studio, announced today the launch of Nickster, a series of educational toys designed specifically to inspire young children age 1+ to learn, imagine and create.

Launched on the innovative site, Kickstarter, Nickster is a new collection of one-of-a-kind toys designed to help children develop fine motor, cognitive and counting skills. Nickster Toys allows children to learn as they play by building each toy: first identifying different geometric shapes and then fitting blocks together like puzzles. The first collection is comprised of six toys: three Wagonimals™, Puzzle Truck™, Fire Fighters Truck and Sequence Train™.

“With Nickster, children can learn as they play by shape sorting, counting and building,” said Steve Cozzolino, principal of cozzolino studio. “The Nickster series and characters were initially inspired by drawings created by my six-year old son, Nicholas.”

Nickster also provides children with a way to connect to their toys in a digital way with the Nickster “Playland” app. In the app, the toys come alive to enhance a child’s educational experience by re-enforcing shapes, counting, colors and the alphabet.

“The Nickster philosophy is that digital experiences should not replace or limit the real-world interactions children have, but compliment how they learn and play with actual toys. By merging the world of toys and digital apps in a fun new way, Nickster fosters play that is both physically and mentally engaging for young children,” added Cozzolino.

The Nickster collection and app will be available online at The toys will be available for purchase at select retailers for this upcoming holiday season.

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