Carnage Racing will be available FREE on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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New racing game for iOS!

Jagex, the UK’s largest independent games studio and creators of Runescape, the world’s most popular free multiplayer online game, today announced the launch of Carnage Racing on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The game combines racing, stunt driving, explosive combat and real-time 8 way online multiplayer into a single adrenaline-fuelled package to satisfy every kind of car-racing fan.
Carnage Racing is a ferocious battle of driving skills, pitting player against player in which the only rule is to power their way to the chequered flag and win by all means necessary. Set on a tropical island raceway packed with hidden paths, boosts, ramps and warp gates, players must outdrive their opponents by pulling off audacious stunts and blowing them into last place with an arsenal of deadly weapons. Once drivers have honed their skills in single player then they can go to-head with real opponents in the game’s exhilarating online multiplayer mode, enabling them to take on up to seven other gamers anywhere in the world.
With each race they compete in, players collect prizes, win experience points and earn hard-won cash that will help them gain that all-important winning edge. As they progress through the game, drivers can unlock powerful new cars, or trick out their ride with an array of upgradeable items – from more powerful weaponry and performance modifications to a slick new paint job complete with flaming decals.
Whatever a player’s style of racing – whether they’re a gun lover, a speed freak or an air lovin’ trickster – Carnage Racing delivers what they’re looking for by the truckload.

Rich and varied mix of gameplay styles – including combat, driving and stunts  

8-way real time online multiplayer

Fiendish race courses with loads of different routes

3 car types and 9 vehicles to suit all racing styles

Use warp gates on the track for a competitive edge

Huge arsenal of upgradeable weapons

Pimp your ride with a new paint job and decals

Launching today, Carnage Racing will be available as a FREE download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:
After playing a limited number of available levels then players can pay £1.99 to unlock the full game.