Bad Wolf Outfitters Launches Pandora Carryall on Indiegogo

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Bags are bags, some bags are better than others and then some bags really stand out as something that can be extremely useful and that’s what I think of the Pandora Caryall from Bad Wolf Outfitters. It’s just launched on Indiegogo and it’s a bag that does it all, it’s got built-in speakers, a charging dock, solar panels and even a locator app in case you lose it.

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The Pandora Carryall, with all its features and function, is outfitted to be the leading example in digital survival in this technical age. For every possible daily obstacle, the Pandora Carryall comes equipped with a highly technological (and covert) solution.

To prevent unexpected power downs, our carryall comes equipped with a back-up battery and a solar panel to revive fading electronics.

USB ports and a complimentary thumb drive store back-up data and connect to your gadgets to prevent loss of important work. 

An audio jack hooks up to speakers and can be activated via Bluetooth for impromptu office parties or an after-work dance session.

A screen installed inside the bag gives the user information on battery life, data storage, and audio.

And a bluetooth locator dongle on the bag lets the owner locate it from their smartphone, in case its location is forgotten after a long night of networking.

In addition to function, The Pandora Carryall will be miles ahead of its competitors in form and design.

Because The Pandora Carryall is still in the prototypical phase of production, Bad Wolf Outfitters is offering backers an opportunity to not only fund The Pandora Carryall, but to customize your ideal carryall.

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