24 Ct Gold iPhone 5s Launched By Goldgenie

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Gack….  I don’t get the point of these phones like this as a new one will be out and this one will be obsolete anyway…

The exclusive new Gold iPhone 5S will be offered in real 24.CT Gold, Rose Gold & Platinum. Styles will also include 3 designs laced with flawless Swarovski crystals. Each iPhone purchased will come with a stylish handmade cherry oak presentation box. The handset is sold SIM Free and is enabled for use on any network in the world. Starting prices for the range start at £2137/$2820 with the most expensive version costing £3130.98 /$4144.63

Stylish, sleek and super-sophisticated, updates in the latest iPhone model have been about enhancing usability for the busy, successful iPhone customer – and for nobody is this more applicable than the typically cash-rich/time-poor clients that Goldgenie caters to. Featuring a wide array of sophisticated improvements from an enhanced camera to 40x swifter performance than the original iPhone – this model is perfect for a life on the move.

Following the success of Goldgenie’s Gold iPhone 5 range, this latest addition to the Goldgenie portfolio has been eagerly anticipated. In fact Goldgenie began taking pre-orders from customers three weeks before Apple even confirmed their 2013/14 phone lineup. The Goldgenie iPhone 5S range is now set to surpass the pre-order demand levels for the Samsung S4, which was released earlier this year.

Pre-order demand in the Middle East has continued to increase, with Indian & Chinese customers also showing keen interest in the handset. This is unsurprising considering Goldgenie’s global reach and strong online presence – not to mention the growth of the luxury goods market worldwide. Indeed, customised Goldgenie handsets are becoming increasingly popular as luxury corporate gifts, and there is a high demand for these products in the Middle East and developing Asian markets.

Goldgenie CEO Laban Roomes said: “This has been the most anticipated iPhone ever. We launched our pre-order page on August 28th 2013 and have since had just over 300 orders for various customised finishes, including a real 24 CT. Gold piece. Apple continue to innovate iPhone performance from a hardware & usability perspective. With features such as Touch ID and enhanced security in iOS 7, we estimate that this will by far eclipse all other Gold iPhone sales we have had to date.”