I, Gladiator Adds Multiplayer Modes

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Independent mobile game developer Steel Monkeys today announced the availability of the latest version of its outstanding iOS game I, Gladiator. I, Gladiator is an ancient sword and sandals, hack ‘n’ slash action RPG that brings console-quality gameplay and graphics to mobile gamers and lets them enjoy the thrill of being a Roman gladiator fighting for death and glory. With more than 600,000 downloads of the original game, the new update adds global multiplayer modes to an already action-packed title, allowing you to challenge your skills against the best mobile gladiators in the world.

I, Gladiator is a hack ‘n’ slash, action RPG in which gamers have to fight as a Roman gladiator who has been betrayed and, thanks to a bet between the gods, has been brought back to life in order to fight your way to glory and revenge. You’ll need to defeat brutal enemies, hungry lions and hidden traps, and above all win the approval of a crowd that’s hungry for blood!

The comic art style and minimalistic HUD of I, Gladiator create the feeling of a graphic novel, and are reminiscent of hyper-stylised console games like Borderlands and Crackdown.

I, Gladiator uses simple touch-based controls, allowing attack and defence moves to be executed with swipes and by tapping context-relevant controls, for example for movement and picking up weapons. Fighting the waves of imposing enemies requires tactical thinking as well as combat skills, with traps to set and combo moves to execute. Thanks to special animations for combos and the ability to decapitate enemies with an unblockable attack, I, Gladiator brings a new level of epic brutality to mobile devices. Plus, in survival mode, gladiators also receive a bonus when the bloodthirsty audience is particularly entertained by the show.

The new version of I, Gladiator introduces the ability to start local championships with friends via Game Center; there’s also a global leaderboard of the best players while weekly global and local events will be available all the time to its large user base.

Key Features

• Fight multiple opponents at once in the arena

• 80+ missions to complete

• Disjoint other fighter with special combos

• Turn-based multiplayer

• Story mode, Multiplayer and ‘Defensoris’ survival modes

• Tons of weapons and armours to unlock, buy or rent

• Global leaderboard and achievement to complete

• Weekly events

• Voiceover in Latin and original soundtrack

I, Gladiator is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at 2.99$ / 1.99£ / 2.69€ at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/i-gladiator/id553907252

The Android version of I, Gladiator will be updated soon with all the new features, and is currently available at: http://apps.samsung.com/earth/topApps/topAppsDetail.as?productId=000000588670