Sanctum 2 Comes To PlayStation Network September 10th

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New game coming to PSN !

Coffee Stain Studios, the indie developers of the first-ever true hybrid of tower-defense and first-person shooter game, Sanctum, announced today that the highly acclaimed sequel, Sanctum 2, will be releasing worldwide on September 10 for the PlayStation®Network.  With its unique blend of intense first-person shooting action and tactical tower-defense mechanics, PlayStation owners around the world will experience this exciting blend of gameplay styles for the very first time.
“We’re really happy and pretty thrilled to bring a new type of game experience to PlayStation gamers,” said Anton Westberg, CEO of Coffee Stain Studios. “The mix of strategic design, exciting FPS mayhem and light character-building features is something I believe PlayStation owners will find really exciting.”
In Sanctum 2 players take on the role of an elite soldier whose mission is to protect the oxygen-producing Cores from hordes of deadly aliens who are threatened by their existence. Utilizing key elements of both tower-defense and first-person shooter genres, players set up a grid of defensive towers with various capabilities to take out the waves of attacking enemies and then jump head-on into the fray.  Enter the action alone or as part of a squad in four-player co-op multiplayer as mobs of monsters march mercilessly, each with their unique offensive and defensive attributes.  
Additionally, the PlayStation Network version of Sanctum 2 will include the very popular patch that includes a higher tower cap, tower resources for all players in co-op multiplayer games and increased tower bases gained in each wave.
Sanctum 2 will be available worldwide starting September 10 for $14.99 on the PlayStation Network.  For the latest news and updates on Sanctum 2, please visit