Kickstarter: Wahoo Fitness RFLKT+

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Here’s another Kickstarter project for fitness and the iPhone…


Wahoo Fitness, the leader in iPhone™ powered fitness, running and cycling, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the RFLKT+, smart bike computer. The RFLKT+ is powered by ANT+ technology through your iPhone. Building on the success of the original RFLKT smart bike computer, the RFLKT+ (“REFLECT PLUS”) adds the functionality of connecting directly to ANT+ devices as well as a barometric altimeter. The RFLKT+ is the perfect integration of your bike computer and your iPhone, reflecting the data from your iPhone directly onto your bike computer screen which you can mount to your handlebars or bike stem. 

Wahoo is the original and leader in ANT+ iPhone integration. The RFLKT+ takes the ANT+ signal and converts it to Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth 4.0) so the iPhone can read the data and then display on the RFLKT+ screen as well as store it within the App.


RFLKT+ Smart Bike Computer features include:

Full iPhone integration for access to GPS, music, and App functionality

Fully customizable to show any number of data fields on up to 8 screens

Automatic updates via iOS App

ANT+ bridging functionality connects your iPhone directly to your ANT+ devices

Accurate barometric altimeter

Coin cell operated, requires no recharging with a battery life of 1 year

1.75 x 1.2 inches  LCD screen with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels with the ability to view at any time of day

“It presents an amazing opportunity that you rarely have, to validate demand prior to hitting market. The Kickstarter community provides high level and immediate feedback for your product and your company,” says Wahoo CEO Chip Hawkins. “It’s one thing to come up with an idea we think is great, it’s another to have thousands of outsiders say prior to the product hitting shelves, ‘Yes we want that!’. Kickstarter also provides a chance for Wahoo to reach beyond the target consumer and out to a broader group that also have a need for Wahoo products."