DefenderPad Back to School Sale 15% Off

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I’m  not sure sure I believe is these things and what they claim to do, but laptop pads or stand do come in handy that’s for sure..

Icaro Innovations announced today that its DefenderPad laptop shield, which blocks both electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and heat, is now 15% off for students heading back to school. DefenderPad’s protective technology, combined with its slim and stylish design make it an ideal replacement for lap desks, lap trays and laptop cooling pads while protecting any student from DNA damage, skin burns and rashes, as well as reproductive issues later in life.

“As parents, we want to take this opportunity to remind other parents as well as teachers about the risks of EMR and the importance of protecting students during the school season,” says Daniel T. DeBaun, DefenderPad CEO. “While laptops and tablets are now an essential part of student life, there is mounting scientific evidence suggesting that close exposure to their EMR emissions may cause a number of health concerns, particularly to young children who have less dense tissue and bone than adults. To place a child’s risk in context, a cell phone signal is known to penetrate an adult head up to about one inch. For the child, it passes completely through their head.”


According to The Stewart Report, children are particularly at risk from emissions because a child’s body absorbs far more Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) than an adult’s. This report finds that children absorb up to 60% more energy per pound of body weight than adults do with exposure effects cumulative over the children’s lifetime. Experts are now finding these rates may cause various health issues unseen in previous generations.
Recent statistics show that two in three (65%) of middle school students use a laptop, and more than one in three (36%) use a tablet. In addition, at nearly 90%, the overwhelming majority of college students own and use laptops on a daily basis. In fact, schools are rapidly replacing books with laptops and tablets as technology advances.


Made in the USA, the DefenderPad is shown to block virtually all harmful radiation as confirmed by independent FCC certified lab tests. It is the only complete laptop radiation protection available. In addition to protecting students, it makes for a great portable lap desk and laptop cooling pad. The DefenderPad is available in black, blue and pink for 15% off the regular MSRP $89.99 at
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