Pre-Orders Available for Wally Case iPhone Case


It’s a wallet. It’s a case. It’s the Wally Case!

Distil Union, a micro-collective of three designers who create simply useful, attractive and considered products, now offers their Wally attachable leather wallet in a snap-on case version for iPhone. Wally Case provides all the functionality of a discreet and minimal wallet, plus the added protection of a strong, slim shell that hugs your device. Wally Case’s integrated leather pocket accommodates the three cards you use most, and keeps them hidden out of sight until they’re needed: Simply pull the ribbon to access your cards, then push them back in to conceal them. Wally Case offers true convenience, protection and simplicity for your daily grab-and-go. 

“Think of Wally Case as the original Wally’s protective big brother,” explained Nate Justiss, industrial designer at Distil Union. “Wally Case comes from the same family and premium materials, but is sized perfectly to shelter your iPhone 5 with its added protection.”

Wally Case is made of solid polycarbonate (the same thing race car windshields are made of) combined with premium Argentinean leather, with the attention to detail that only the originators of Wally can deliver. Wally Case makes your iPhone comfortable to hold and wears beautifully over time, just like that old wallet he replaces. Wally Case allows you to easily minimize your daily carry. Simply snap Wally Case onto your iPhone to say goodbye to your bulky wallet and experience this case with a secret, designerly twist.

Starting on Monday, August 12, Wally Case can be pre-ordered exclusively on for $40 (includes free shipping in the US).  Wally Case is available for iPhone 5 in an array colors to be revealed during the Kickstarter campaign. After Kickstarter, Wally Case will be available at for $49.99, so embrace crowd-funding to be among the first to get Wally Case and start simplifying your life – for less!