Zepp Labs Intros GolfSense To Help Improve Your Game

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I’m not a golfer but I remember playing years ago and I could have used some help like the Golfsense for sure!


The world’s first motion engine system to analyze and record golf swing data to any iOS® or Android device

  • Glove-based precision motion sensor easily attaches to the Velcro strap of any glove

· Wirelessly transmits swing data via Bluetooth to any mobile device (iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android)

· Powerful software captures real-time in-depth 3D motion analysis of acceleration, velocity, tempo, and position

  • GolfSense application records critical data and provides tips and recommendation to improve each swing
  • Data is seamlessly stored in the GolfSense Cloud with the ability to sync with additional mobile devices

Available at: Apple, Best Buy, and GolfSmith.com
$ 129.99
Website: www.GolfSense.me