Use the New Airsleep App to Help You Sleep Better

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Wow.. people will develop anything won’t they?

Airsleep, a new sleep aid app specifically designed with the traveler in mind, instantly turns your iPhone, iPod or iPad into an in-flight sleep system that gently guides you into a deep sleep using patented Dreamwave Brainwave technology. The technology is based in the latest brainwave science that blends ambient sounds with low tones to activate delta waves, the low frequency brainwaves of 4 Hz and below that the brain produces when in the deepest stages of sleep. The app allows travelers to customize their sleep to their mood and length of travel. The Airsleep app is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later and is available for download at the iTunes store for free now through Dec. 31, 2013. It comes preloaded with three different calming sounds, all backed with Dreamwave Brainwave technology that activates the delta waves present during restful and restorative slow-wave sleep.

Slow-wave sleep plays an important role in sleep as one of its most restful and restorative phases; without it, travelers can quickly become fatigued. Studies of how travel affects sleep reveal that travelers on trips crossing more than two time zones that last two to four days registered a total sleep loss of almost eight hours by the time they returned home, the equivalent of one full night’s sleep. Airsleep’s Dreamwave Brainwave technology activates delta waves to alter brainwave patterns in a natural, healthy way to achieve a deeper level of relaxation and sleep that many travelers go without.

Since the human ear can’t hear a 4 Hz tone, Airsleep activates delta waves using binaural beats. Airsleep achieves this by playing two slightly different audio tones that are fed to the brain via stereo headphones; one tone is panned hard left, the other hard right. For example, Airsleep can create a 4 Hz delta wave tone by setting the left tone at 100 Hz and the right at 104 Hz. Played together, the tones sound like a single, low, monotone and slightly out-of-phase hum. These frequencies are so close together the brain identifies the difference as a single 4 Hz delta wave. The Airsleep app allows users to adjust this ratio, based on length of travel, to create a variety of low Hz tones. Airsleep also designed the brainwave tone to mix with other calming sounds of nature and ambient music.

After takeoff, Airsleep gets to work. Once the flight crew gives permission to turn on your electronic devices, log into your downloaded Airsleep app and tap “Depart Now” to start your sleep system. Choose from three preloaded calming and ambient sounds, Rainy Day, Beach Sleep and Desert Wind, or browse from the Airsleep library of sound banks available for purchase ($0.99, each bank comes with three unique sounds). Airsleep provides full functionality of all free and pre-purchased tracks offline while in airplane mode.


The pre-set sounds are designed for both pleasant listening and highly effective relaxation or sleep. Users who want to explore delta waves more deeply have the option of listening to only the brainwave audio and can change the preset mixes by opting for the Control Freak upgrade, which lets travelers customize any Airsleep sound on their device to their preferences.

Once your sound is selected, move the duration bar slider knob to adjust the amount of time you’d like to sleep. Users can adjust the time anywhere from one minute to 10 hours to match trip length down to the minute. The shorter the trip, the faster Airsleep’s Dreamwave Brainwave technology will bring users into a deep sleep, providing passengers with the option of a quick power nap or a full evening’s rest, perfect for overseas flights. Once the program is set, users simply close their eyes as they wait to drift off to sleep. The sleep system will play uninterrupted until you schedule it to stop. When it’s time to wake up, Airsleep offers wake chimes options that include harps, bells, chimes, xylophone or a gong to lift users out of their sleep, leaving travelers well rested as they arrive at their destination.