Pirate Legends Comes to iTunes in August

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New iOS games.. yes another one…

All hands on deck! Set a course for your iOS devices as Superhippo has announced Pirate Legends is coming to the iTunes App Store on Thursday, August 15, 2013! In Pirate Legends, players sail their ship through a tropical paradise as they defend themselves from waves of enemies. Use 20 unique towers to blow away the mighty British Navy, the hunger-infested cannibal tribes, and the restless undead horde into smithereens. Fire off your ship’s cannons, voodoo your enemies with a shaman tower, or unleash the Kraken to devour them whole!
Watch the trailer: https://vimeo.com/71099520
In Pirate Legends, players will discover:

  • 7 varied lush environments complete with NPC units
  • 12 epic battles across the seas against 28 different enemies and 4 scallywag bosses
  • 20 unique towers, with 16 powerful tower specials
  • Awesome soundtrack with 10+ unique tracks and character voiceovers
  • 4 sea-worthy heroes to command and 5 magical relic powers
  • And so much more!

With just a few weeks away from exploding scallywag action, raise your masts for Pirate Legends on August 15, 2013!
To learn more about Pirate Legends visit http://superhippo.com/piratelegendstd/