Kickstarter: Tuls Flat Everyday Tools That Fit In Your Wallet

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meh.. I don’t know about Kickstarter… I to pay and get the item, I just don’t like the paying for and maybe getting it someday idea… but oh well..

David Laituri, founder of the new product brand Onehundred, has launched the Tuls project on Kickstarter. Tuls are a family of card sized tools that fit in your wallet, each with a unique function, laser cut and laser etched from .036” thick Stainless Steel. The first family in the Tuls collection will be a set of four tools that provides assistance with everyday tasks like measuring, opening, fixing, holding & organizing your mobile devices and more.

“Tuls are designed to be that one tool you always have with you when the right tool is out in the garage, in the drawer at home or still at the store waiting for you to buy it. Tuls fit inside your wallet or purse, which is something that you always have with you,” says David Laituri, Founder of Onehundred. “Most compact tools are too small to be useful or are too thin to do the job without bending on the first try. We took a step back and selected the right combination of size, material and thickness and then bundled them around specific everyday tasks that people need handy tools for.”

The first Tuls available will include:


Stan – Stan is designed to solve a variety mobile device problems, such as managing earphones and cables, standing a mobile device vertically for music, reading or conference calls or propping it horizontally for movies, playing games, photo taking or video recording. Super thin, bag and wallet ready, Stan is the perfect mobile device utility tool.


Lucy – Righty tighty, lefty Lucy! Tighten a bolt with an expanded collection of common metric and standard wrenches, straighten a rim with the spoke wrench, hold a 1/8" hex bit,  turn an idle screw on a carburetor, pry open a paint can or open a bottle. For bikes, cars and all types of machines, Lucy is designed to be garage and road-ready.


Roul – Measure twice, cut once! Roul is world-ready with both metric and standard scales, a square that can also find any angle with the on-board protractor, a perfect plum bob, a dual standard gauge for sizing up dowels, rod stock, wire, drill bits or bolts. Roul is optimized for the workshop, wood working, carpentry, and crafts.


Opie – Open a bottle with style! Simple and straight forward, Opie is the perfect companion tool to any member of the family. We thought we would add a popular, well made, single function tool to the family to round out the line.

Tuls can be pre-ordered and backed for a starting pledge of $22-$24 at