Launches Boomerang an All-In-One iPad Smart Stand


This actually looks rather cool… too bad it’s for iPad only…

There’s plenty of iPad stands on the market, but there’s only one that can offering a multitude of viewing angles along with a unique magnetic mounting system: the all-in-one Boomerang.  Sleek and elegant, the key to this mount’s versatility is the magnetic interface on the back of the X-shaped frame which connects to various mounting accessories for a hands-free personal entertainment device.  It’s ideal for the car, treadmill, kitchen and more.  It is now available at which has been redesigned for a smoother shopping experience.

“I’m always on the lookout for innovative solutions that tackle everyday problems.  People love their iPads but they don’t love having to purchase a lot of different accessories.  It’s a hassle to switch mounts, stands, and it can be a pain to find accessories that fit your Smart Cover,” says Chris Johnson, Founder of BiteMyApple.  “The Boomerang from XVIDA is the total package.  You can enjoy a variety of mounting angles without ever having to remove the Boomerang.”

The stylish aluminum X-frame easily snaps onto the back of the iPad (it works with or without the Smart Cover), and can be adjusted into three viewing angles ideal for typing, browsing the web, reading emails and more.  You can also fold the Boomerang in half for easy storage. The soft touch finish creates a beautiful, sleek look; but, the honeycomb-like internal structure made from recyclable plastic ensures stability and sturdiness.

On the back of the Boomerang is a super strong magnetic attachment point that has undergone rigorous testing for durability.  The multi-purpose mount serves as a wall-mount or magnetic mount capable of attaching to metallic surfaces with up to ten pounds of pull force.  To mount on glass or ceramic surfaces, simply use the included adhesive tape.   Additionally, the included screw will allow you to mount on any other surfaces without ever taking the Boomerang off the iPad!


Users can also purchase the Table Stand separately, a high-grade aluminum mounting accessory perfect for watching your favorite movies, TV shows and more. The Boomerang attaches to the Table Stand via the same magnetic interface as it does to the other mounts.

The Boomerang with Multi-Mount retails for $79.99, and the Table Stand retails for $89.99 at