Five Excellent Accessories for your HTC One

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Today, we’re looking at five awesome HTC One accessories, with a bias towards those introduced recently that you might not have heard about. Let’s get right into it.


5. Power Jacket with Cover – 3800 mAh

One of the few advantages the Galaxy S4 has over the HTC One its expandable design – it’s very straightforward to remove the back cover and insert a new battery. The One’s unibody design makes this more difficult, so a different approach must be taken. The Power Jacket with Cover is one such approach, wrapping a whopping 3800 mAh of extra battery capacity into a protective but bulky case. While your One will grow in size and weight, the extra battery may be worth it.



4. Cover-Mate Desktop Charging Dock

A handsome phone like the HTC One deserves a handsome HTC One charger and desk stand to go with it. The Cover-Mate Desktop Charging Dock is a good shout, providing a clear and simple look with the functionality you’d expect. You can charge from a wall outlet, or plug it into your computer to copy across files. While there are few added features here – no wireless charging, no USB or speaker ports – the basics are handled well and the price is appealing.



3. Spigen SGP Glas.tR Slim Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Plastic screen protectors can be effective at preventing damage to your screen from scratches, but they don’t add much protection against shattering and other damage caused by impacts. That’s when a tempered glass screen protector can be a nice upgrade, like this one by Spigen. The cost is much higher, the corresponding increase in protection should make this a worthwhile investment.



2. HTC One Car Mount

Our next product is this nameless HTC One Car Mount Cradle with Hands Free. What this HTC One car holder lacks in branding, it makes up in features – pretty much all the bases are covered, with the device serving as car holder, car charger and hands-free kit. The phone holder is case-compatible too, eliminating the hassle of declothing your One each time you go for a drive.




1. Incipio Feather Shine

If you’re not a fan of bulky cases like the Power Jacket, then the Incipio Feather Shine is a great choice. Its slim design adds little bulk, yet still provides the minimum amount of protection you need in order to survive drops and scratches. The case is also available in a nice range of colors, including the Neon Blue shown above.


So there we have it – five excellent accessories for the HTC One. If you have any recommendations of your own or questions on these selections, feel free to share them below. Thanks for reading the article and have a good one!