Mad Mice Media Launches Their First Interactive eBook in the Big Rig Adventures Series

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I’ve been reading more books lately on my tablet, not interactive, but y’know adult books.. but my youngest likes this kind..


Kids love trucks! This 30+ page interactive story provides the thrills and non-stop action of Big Rig Adventures, a world that pits good trucks versus bad using wild "apps" to battle each other as they speed down the road. Mad Mice Media announced today that Big Rig Adventures: Sah-Weeet!, an interactive eBook App for iPad, Android and Kindle is now available at your favorite app store for $1.99.

Big Rig Adventures features a wily, old truck named Road Dog who mentors a group of up and coming rigs named Cooper & Harley as well as their buddy Chase.

As they make their way across the country delivering the goods, Road Dog keeps an eye on them from his control center, ensuring that evil Nitro Nick and his band of villains do not thwart their progress. What ensues is non-stop action infused with comedy as Nitro and Road Dog battle, app vs. app, for supremacy of the roadways.

Big Rig Adventures: Sah-Weeet! is a fast-paced, action, adventure, comedy that pits Road Dog and his team against Nitro Nick’s band of misfits who will stop at nothing to ruin Road Dog’s reputation. (eBook promo: Big Rig Adventures: Sah-Weeet!

The story centers around the shortage of chocolate chips needed for the upcoming "All American Cookie Festival." Faced with the cancellation of the festival, Road Dog’s team is called upon to save the day by delivering ten tons of chips to the Crunchy Cookie Company. However, watching from their musty warehouse, Nitro Nick devises a plan to derail Road Dog’s efforts and sends his hench-trucks to create as much mayhem as possible.

Controlling the action from the big screen, Nitro Nick scrolls through his collection of apps and delivers what should be a show-stopping diversion. However, seasoned veteran Road Dog is also keeping a watchful eye on his team’s progress and initiates a defensive app that could possibly save the day. Will the All American Cookie Festival be cancelled or will Road Dog’s team power through and deliver the goods?