Killer Concepts Announces the RocksteadyXS 1.5

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Looking for a decent Bluetooth speaker? Then check out this one from Killer Concepts that has a ton of great features…



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The popular RocksteadyXS just got a new voice: introducing the new RocksteadyXS 1.5 with Speakerphone. Killer Concepts, manufacturers and marketers of consumer electronics with unique features at killer prices, today unveiled a successor to the portable Bluetooth 3.0 speaker that plays longer and louder than the competition – at half the price. Taking it to the next level, the new RocksteadyXS 1.5 with Speakerphone adds features that are purposely designed to create the best listening experience possible – including a built-in speakerphone; the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously; and Bluetooth memory for up to four devices.

“The RocksteadyXS is a great product,” says Killer Concepts CEO Jeff Leitman. “It plays loud and clear and for a long time – it has great battery life. Because it’s in our blood to continue to tweak and improve, adding the speakerphone was a natural next step. Improving the overall Bluetooth experience was even more rewarding."

Rick Cao, Co-founder and President of Killer Concepts, added, "Simplifying the Bluetooth process while adding functionality for advanced users was our goal. Multi-device memory means that owners of tablets and Smartphones can now easily use their RocksteadyXS with both devices – without repairing delays. Additionally, being able to share the speaker at the same time with another device adds a whole new social aspect that we didn’t have before."

What else is new? The RocksteadyXS 1.5 with speakerphone features a dual purpose USB port that plays MP3’s or charges your cell phone; a default Bluetooth connection when you turn it on; smaller wall charger; ultra high quality and longer cables; a low battery warning notification; phone pickup/hangup capabilities directly from the unit; and a host of improvements under the hood that ramp up its durability.

“We really listened to customer feedback surrounding the launch of the original RocksteadyXS,” Leitman continued. “Although it has been hugely popular and has almost sold out entirely, we took what our customers had to say to heart when designing the next iteration – and the RocksteadyXS 1.5 with Speakerphone was born.”

The RocksteadyXS 1.5 with Speakerphone is the loudest, clearest, portable Bluetooth stereo speaker in its category – that also offers a good value to consumers. The RocksteadyXS 1.5 with Speakerphone works with iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android devices, tablets, computers, and MP3 players, and its 100dB of high quality sound make it the loudest speaker on the market in its category. Housed in a stylish, lightweight, rugged aluminum case and offering 10-plus hours of playback (with the industry’s first and only lithium-ion battery swap system) – it’s perfect for extended listening on the go. The RocksteadyXS 1.5 with Speakerphone is able to support a lot of weight and can even survive drops without cracking.

Additional Features include:

· Three playback options

· Bluetooth streaming

· USB stick playback of MP3 files

· 3.5mm line-in

· Front facing controls to move tracks up or down, play/pause media, and control volume. Also control Bluetooth device wirelessly, in a bi-directional capacity.

· LED glowing base to give feedback (Blue is on, flashing blue is in pairing mode, red is charging mode, purple is charging and ‘on’ mode).

· Proprietary air channels inside to augment the sound range and volume using patent pending air channeling and membrane technology.

MSRP for the RocksteadyXS 1.5 with Speakerphone is $99.99 – half that of competitive offerings. With direct fulfillment capabilities, as well as key distributors on board, Killer Concepts is able to fill all types and sizes of RocksteadyXS orders: direct to store, direct to consumer, and direct to distribution center. The RocksteadyXS 1.5 with Speakerphone can be purchased at the following retailers.

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