Contra Evolution Coming to iOS Devices June 27th

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Wow.. I remember many days playing the original Contra, good game, but rough…. now it’s coming to iOS devices at the end of the month, or at least a new version of it is..


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Leading international mobile game developer and publisher CocoaChina/Chukong today announced the upcoming U.S. mobile launch of Contra Evolution, the first fully licensed mobile version of Konami’s classic alien-shooting side-scroller Contra. Initially launched in January 2013 in China, Contra Evolution reached the number one paid spot in less than 24 hours, and the US release marks the official beginning of a partnership between CocoaChina/Chukong and Konami.
“We’ve worked with Konami to replicate the original Contra game as closely as possible, and are extremely happy with the result,” said Haozhi Chen, CEO of CocoaChina/Chukong. “Contra Evolution feels, sounds, and plays just like the original—Contra veterans and new players alike will not be disappointed.”
Re-imagined on the cutting-edge Cocos2d-x platform
“We are also very proud that the game was completely developed on Cocos2d-x, an open-source cross-platform 2D game engine financed by CocoaChina.” said Chen. “Cocos2d-x met the very high bar of responsiveness and latency required for this demanding classic action title. Plus, the engine provides seamless cross-platform support by default.”
The game is a complete mobile reincarnation of the original Contra game, for which CocoaChina/Chukong has secured the worldwide publishing rights. The launch marks the first time that Contra has been officially released for mobile devices. With an Android version coming soon, Contra Evolution is scheduled to launch in the Apple App store on June 27th: the iPhone version will cost $0.99, while Contra Evolution HD for iPad will cost $2.99.

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