Buzz Launcher for Android Officially Launches

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I figured I’d toss some Android news in with all the iOS stuff I’ve just posted..  Buzz Launcher has officially launched and to celebrate  they’re running a contest with $10,000 in prizes!


Buzz Launcher, the pioneer Android Homescreen customization and sharing service expands features and holds a global Homescreen Design Contest with $10,000 in prizes

Buzz Launcher by the Homepack Buzz team, a free smartphone theming service with an increasing 15,000+ Homescreens for Android users to freely choose and share from, is very pleased to announce that it is no longer in beta version with the release of Buzz Launcher 1.0 to the Google Play Store. Version 1.0 is faster, smoother and easier to use than the previous Buzz Launcher Beta version. A brand new ‘Follow’ function will be introduced shortly, allowing users to keep up with their favorite designers and easily get updates on their favorite designs. Along with the release of the updated version 1.0, Homepack Buzz has announced a global Design contest with $10,000 in prizes to be awarded to the best designed Homescreen as well as the top sharer of Homescreens.

Buzz Launcher utilizes the most distinctive feature of Android smartphones: the freedom of customization. It allows Android users to easily innovate their Homescreens at the touch of a button, while allowing them to take full advantage of the bountiful freedom of personalization that Android smartphones offer.Buzz Launcher users are given the ability to download, create, apply, upload, design and innovate any number of Homescreens for free. Users can rate, comment, like, follow and share Homescreens with any of their favorite social networks. Buzz Launcher users can not only personalize their Homescreens, but also freely customize recommended apps, widgets, and layouts, separating it from its other pre-existing Android launcher competitors.

Buzz Launcher’s 2013 Global Design Competition is a contest to determine the world’s best Android Homescreen. The contest, beginning on June 20 and running through July 15, will include 2 separate awards, one for the Homescreen Design contest and the other for the Homescreen Sharing contest. The Homescreen Design contest will feature $8,000 in total prizes, and the winner will be selected by both the Homepack Buzz design team and ratings from users. The Homescreen Sharing contest (Buzzer Award) will feature $2,000 in total prizes. The Buzzer Award will be awarded to the person who shares with the most people, and anyone who shares will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes where they will have a chance to win a random draft prize.

“A Smartphone Homescreen is no longer just simple apps, widgets, wallpapers, and layouts. It is a reflection of lifestyle and a palette to paint passion onto one’s smartphone. But most of all, it’s about the Buzz!” said Homepack Buzz CEO Jay Seo.

“Buzz Launcher’s Homescreen Design Contest is not just about customizing and checking out awesome Homescreens for your phone, but it’s a festival – an event for designers to show their creativity, and for Buzzers to follow up and buzz about their favorite designs. The Homepack buzz team strives to provide an easy but powerful Android personalizing tool to the public, so that users may share their Homescreen innovations with the world, and simply have fun.”

The Homepack Buzz team is currently working on developing further improvements to Buzz Launcher. Planned in the near future is an enhanced search tool that allows users to easily locate Homepacks that are right for them, as well as a Homepack grouping capability that will provide a more convenient searching experience.

2013 Homepack Design Contest Page

Buzz Launcher in the Google Play Store

About Homepack Buzz:

Homepack Buzz is a Homescreen sharing service for android phones, which has the capability to pack Homescreen themes, Apps, Widgets into a layout, and allows people to freely Share with others! Personal information such as Contacts, Pictures, Messages, Memos, or any log-in information is not shared. Only your Homescreen layouts are shared.