Nillkin Super Frosted Case For HTC One Review

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I’m back with another review of a case for the HTC One, but this one is from a company I’ve never heard of Nillkin. It’s Chinese company that seems to specialize in cases for mobile products like phones and tablets  so I was very interested in seeing what they have to offer. The product was provided by Mobile Fun for review and it’s called the Super Frosted Case, but on the Nillkin site it’s called the Super Frosted Shield, same difference I guess, shield or cases, either or. So anyway, the case is very thin and lightweight as to not add any bulk or weight to the HTC One. Included in the pack is also a screen protector so it’s really a full protection package for the HTC One. So read on to learn more..



Product Name: Nillkin Super Frosted Case For HTC One + Screen Protector – Black

Provider:  Mobile Fun


With an elegant appearance, precision injection design and a UV painted finish this case from NIllkin is perfect for your HTC One. In Black.

Precision Injection molded design
Nillkin’s Super Frosted Case is made using precise injection molding machines that not only gives a perfect fit, but a beautiful ‘Frosted’ finish that offers a superb tactility. The case is then finished using matte UV painting that ensures the color remains bright despite use in sunlight.

Great protection and fit
The case it self gives great protection to back and sides of the HTC One. The Super Frosted Case offer a strong rigid case that clips around your device easily for instant protection. Once the case is on you still have access to all your favorite functions and features of your HTC One including camera and headphone jack.

Included screen protector
Included with this case is a Nillkin screen protector, cleaning cloth and application card that will give ultimate protection in combination with the case. The screen protector offers easy application and crystal clear optics.


The Nillkin Super Frosted case was provided by Mobile Fun for review here you can find HTC One Screen Protectors, cases and many accessories for the One and pretty much every other phone out there.


The Review::


The packaging is fine, it’s basically just a transparent plastic box with English and Japanese writing on it.



If you look at the back where the contents are listed, it seems the case is actually called the Nillkin Shield.



Inside you’ll find the case itself and a plastic bag with the screen protector in it.



Include with the screen protector is a cleaning cloth and a shiny piece of paper essentially, you use this sort of like a squeegee to rub across the screen protector to get the bubbles out. I could be wrong though about the piece of paper as on the Nillkin site it’s called a “de-dusting sticker”. I’ve never heard of a de-dusting sticker myself, so I don’t know…



Included also is a full set of instructions for you to install the screen protector.



I’ve seen thin cases before, but this one is very well made, most cases of this type are ‘cheap’ or flimsy looking but not this one. The case or shield in very thin and lightweight and won’t add bulk or weight to the HTC One. The inside of the case is smooth and won’t mark the casing of the HTC One.



The outside of the case is sort of plain really, just some lines and a pattern on it with the Nillkin logo. I wish there was a way for you, the reader, to actually feel the case, it really is lightweight and well made. The case is relatively stiff, but yet semi-flexible to allow you to get it on the phone.




The outside of the case has a textured pattern on it for grip, here’s a couple close up shots for a better look:




The back of the case has cut-outs for the camera, flash and secondary microphone.



So here’s my HTC One and the Nillkin case.



To get the HTC One into the Nillkin case you just push it in really, or pop the case onto the phone. It’s very simple to do.



Here’s a couple shots of the back of the case with the phone in it:




The cut-out for the camera is more than large enough to not obscure the flash or camera, it won’t interfere with you taking pictures.



The HTC One has the volume rocker on the right side and the Nillkin case has cut-out for it so you can just feel where the buttons are without having to look really.



The top and bottom of the Nillkin case are fully open to allow easy access to the power button, audio jack and microUSB connection. The HTC One’s power button is also an IR Blaster or infrared transmitter and the Nillkin case does not interfere with it at all.




The case does come up over the edges of the phone ever so slightly to protect the screen sides or edges.






The Nillkin Super Frosted Case is a decent product overall if you’re looking for minimal protection. I’m not saying ‘minimal’ in a bad way, but what I mean is it’s a very thin style case.

The Nillkin case will offer protection from damage surely, but it is thin so I might worry about dropping the phone as it doesn’t add much protection for shocks. Still the case is well made and offers a good amount of protection overall.

Included with the case is a screen protector so all you have to do is just buy the case really and you’ve got full body protection with no added expensive. Most of the time when you buy a case for a phone you need to buy a screen protector as well, you don’t have to here.

The one thing I really like about this case from Nillkin is the fact that it’s thin and lightweight. If you own the HTC One then you know it’s a thin and lightweight phone, the Nillkin case helps to keep that thin profile but yet offers protection without adding any bulk or weight.

All in all it’s not a bad case I think.

+Includes Screen Protector 
+Thin and lightweight 
+Good quality 
+Adequate protection
+Doesn’t add bulk to phone
-Could be a bit more protective
-A bit expensive

9-10-award reco-award

Scores:: 9 out of 10
Overall: score-9-10
Aesthetic: score-10-10
Value / Price: score-9-10
Build Quality: score-10-10
Usability: score-9-10

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