I Don’t Get the Popularity of Social Media

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Maybe it’s just me but I really don’t get social media. Well no that’s wrong, I understand it and of course I use it as I have to really. What I don’t get is the popularity and need for it.

Really is there a need to tweet your lunch? Is there a need to share your lunch with all your friends on Facebook? People have lunch and they share it with everyone on all of their social media sites, which can be numerous so it’s just repeating over and over again the same exact thing.

I understand social media and how it works, but I don’t get the need to check it constantly and update it constantly about every little thing in your life.

I think my problem is that I’m a private person or at least I try to be anyway, as ,much as I can running sites like this one.

Why do people feel the need to check these social media sites all the time, it’s constant non-stop checking and updating for no real reason other than it’s there.

It’s a distraction really, look around at all the articles about people wasting time while they’re at work, wasting time updating and checking their social media accounts. People are essentially getting paid to be social, there’s something wrong there surely.

people get drunk and do stupid things and then post about it on these sites, that’s just stupid and embarrassing, but yet they do. I wouldn’t want that stuff of me up there, guess it’s good I don’t drink?!

Still even if I was drunk I don’t think I’d post those things as I think I still would have the knowledge left to not do it.

Really there are just too many social media sites out there, and it seems more and more are coming all the time. How many do we need? Seriously here, do we really need this many that really just repeat all the same stuff?

I don’t know, I just felt the need to post this, if for whatever reason than just to make people think about it and how they’re spending their time…..