Case Scenario Launches Designer Alexis Mabille Bowtie Case Collection for iPhone 5


Ermm… Bowties? I don’t have a clue what the deal is with these, but if you like bowties then Case Scenario has got  a case or two for you…


The Case Scenario Alexis Mabille Bowtie iPhone 5 case collection, now available, reinvents your style with a fashion-forward, protective case. Incorporating the timeless bowtie on a high-tech device is the best way to mix past and present on a functional and stylish electronic accessory.

The Alexis Mabille one piece, hard, clip-on case protects the iPhone 5 and allows easy access to all ports and camera on the device without compromising its refined, couture touch – a nod at tradition.

The Alexis Mabille Bowtie iPhone 5 cases are available in two sleek colors – pink on white and blue on yellow – for $35 at Maison 24.