RunCore Offers 512GB 1.8" ZIF SSD for Notebook Upgrades

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Need to upgrade that notebook? How about a nice speedy SSD?


RunCore, leading manufacturer of high-performance and rugged solid state drives (SSDs), today announced 512GB is one of the highest-capacity 1.8” ZIF solid-state drives we’ve tested.

RunCore Pro-IV 1.8” ZIF PATA SSD has multiple Capacity options from 32GB to 512GB. And it can fit more users’ workload for different needs. With Read and Write transfer rate at 90MBs and 81 MBs, The Pro-IV 1.8” ZIF is ideal for upgrading many popular laptops including the Macbook Air Revision A, Dell Inspiron Mini12, HP Mini 1000, etc.,” said Amy Wang, VP of Sales and Marketing of RunCore.

RunCore Pro-IV 1.8” ZIF PATA SSD measures 70 x 52 X 5mm and features bad block management and dynamic and static wear-leveling technology. It means a longer life for general product. Meanwhile, the advantages of sudden power-off recovery will bring more safety and convenience in your life.


All products are available now on RunCore Online Store: