EagleTech USA Announces Neptor NP100K External Battery Pack with Dual USB Outputs

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More power is always nice, and this thing has a 10,000mAh battery in it!!


EagleTech USA, a trusted brand of premium audio systems, tablet, and mobile accessories, is launching the Neptor NP100K External Battery Pack with Dual USB Outputs for tablets and smartphones. This portable battery is designed to eliminate the hassle of having your devices shutting down at the most inconvenient times. It’s equipped with 10000mAh of storage power and can charge your tablet and smart phone simultaneously. Weighing only 190 grams, it fits right into your pocket or bag and is always ready to go. The battery pack comes in a stylish, mate-finish case for a look that’s simple yet sophisticated.

NP-100k is the solution we’re providing for people who can’t afford the inconvenience of heaving a dead electronic device. "From missing an important phone call, to not being able to play music, or checking important email, we designed it to give you the right peace of mind." — EagleTech USA

This product’s high quality lithium polymer battery packs durability and performance. It provides over 500+ recharges and is supported by an LED battery indicator that shows your current power usage. It comes with a replaceable battery to provide an extra boost and peace of mind. Combined with a low discharge rate, this battery is able to maintain 80% capacity even after 1 year of non-use. The NP100K will even automatically turn off when all of your devices are charged to prevent energy waste. This device is driven to deliver for our customers an easier and efficient way to stay connected.

If you want more information on EagleTech’s Neptor External Battery Packs, and where you can purchase this product, please visit our website at: http://www.eagletechusa.com.