Galaxy Note 8 Accessories and More Now at GearZap

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GearZap is part of Mobile Fun and if you’ve read any of my reviews on any of the sites I own or write for then you probably know both GearZap and Mobile Fun as they make some great stuff. They just sent me a message to let me know and to let our readers know that GearZap is now carrying plenty of accessories for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. From what I can see they’ve got pretty much everything over there like screen protectors, chargers and of course cases, lots and lots of cases, both official Samsung ones and aftermarket as well.

They categorize everything for ease of finding what you need:




I know the first thing I buy when I get a new device is a screen protector, it’s just a must have for any gadget really:


They do have official Samsung stuff, and it even has its own category:

-It looks like there’s only 10 things there now, but those are the Samsung official products.

If you go back up the general accessories, there’s 44 items listed there right now, so there’s plenty to pick from.

So anyway, my work here is done, I’ve let you know, so now you can go and buy something for your nice new Note 8!