SC-1 Sports Controller Released by Gioteck

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I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of these…. 


A great deal of gamers, especially those whose passions lie in sporting titles such as FIFA, NFL, NHL or others, often seek extensive measures to find the edge over their opponents in order to prevail victorious. A number of button sequences are on hand to active the smoothest of tricks during gameplay, which not only look spectacular, but also prove to be the difference when it comes to the score line at full time.

Sports gamers need a controller that reflects their desires to prevail over their opponent time and time again, a controller that has the ability to take their abilities to the next level, whilst remaining comfortable and stylish at the same time. At last there is a controller that ticks all the boxes, and this is the SC-1 from Gioteck – a controller like no other, especially designed for sports enthusiasts eager to dominate their chosen specialty.

Packed with a number of handy features and functions, this beautifully crafted controller will prove to be the perfect compatriot for the longest of successful gaming sessions. Want to know more? Check out the stand out features below…

Programmable Buttons

Ever wanted to execute those complex maneuvers at the touch of a button? With the SC-1 you finally can. The two front programmable buttons allow you to store the necessary button sequences to pull of your best tricks at every vital moment.

Vibration Feedback

Much like Sony’s very own Dualshock controller, the SC-1 packs 2 rumble feedback motors for a highly immersive gaming experience. Enjoy every tackle, knock and collision like never before, all whilst your controller brings your gameplay to life to ensure you bring out your strongest performance possible.

Anti-Slip Design

A combination of the concave thumb sticks and curved trigger buttons ensure you never lose grip at the most essential moments. The rubberized handles allow you to take control over your game like never before, as well as giving you the ability to game in comfort.

Sensitivity Adjustment

Sports gamers will understand the frustration of over powering a shot or mishitting a vital pass. The SC-1 offers 4 varying levels of sensitivity to ensure you can customize your controller to suit your style of gaming – no more mishit passes, no more embarrassingly powerful shots way off target.

The SC-1 is certainly a controller that is worth a try for both serious and casual sports gamers. Its combination of great functionality and attractive styling make it a great addition to every PS3 set up, whilst its price tag offers reassurances of both quality and value.

Pick up your SC-1 PS3 controller online today. Gioteck provide an extensive range of gaming peripherals at affordable prices. Check out the official website for all of the latest news, reviews and product updates.