PowerSkin Now Shipping Silicone Battery Case for iPhone 5



Extra power is good right?



PowerSkin®, maker of shock-absorbing, battery-boosting cases for smartphones and gaming accessories, launched its second Apple-certified external charging solution for the iPhone 5 this month with the release of its silicone battery case, just a couple weeks after the PoP’n external battery charger announcement.
“PowerSkin® has been striving to bring to market Apple-certified Lightning charging solutions for the new iPhone 5 that are unique in their feature sets and modern in their designs,” said Jeniece Aragon, Marketing Director for XPAL Power. “Both the iPhone 5 silicone battery case and PoP’n are shipping to consumers already, whereas a majority of external battery cases are only available for pre-order at this point.”
The PowerSkin® for iPhone 5 packs 1500 mAh of power capacity, extending talk time by up to 6.5 hours and music time up to 32 hours. An on/off button located on the back gives users power-on-demand with LED battery lights displaying the amount of charge left.
The PowerSkin® for iPhone 5 is available now at www.power-skin.com or www.power-skin.com/battery-cases/apple/iphone5.php for $79.99, with free express shipping through March 7th, 2013.